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reinforce the mechanism of protection to journalists and defenders of human rights, and ending the impunity of their murdered, were the most recurrent recommendations that made Nations to Mexico during the Universal periodic review (UPR) of human rights, which was held in Geneva, Switzerland.
Dozens of countries agreed on this point, since collective and NGO Mexican, as well as specialists from the UN – as part of the process of the UPR-, had reported him to the world the serious problem that has the country, with more than 40 journalists and at least 110 h rights defenders murdered techniques, so far in this administration.
In fact just a few hours of the UPR of Mexico, UN expert was condemned in a statement the killing of Julián Carrillo, defender of the rights of the indigenous people of the State of Chihuahua, and warned that only so far this year have been killed 21 defender It is, nine of them from indigenous communities.
In his speech as a member of the Mexican nation, the Under-Secretary for human rights, Rafael Avante, explained to the Nations that took part in the session of the UPR which had the protection mechanism for defenders of human rights and journalists implemented from 2012 and that in the past six years had given protection to 1,030 journalists.
However, he said, «Despite these efforts, must acknowledge and regret the murders that have been committed against these people, three of them, were beneficiaries of this mechanism».
On that list of three cases, is that of Julián Carrillo Martinez; While it had «protection» from the Government, he was killed.
Avante Juarez added that the mechanism, since its inception, has had a budget of 767 million pesos, equivalent to 38 million dollars.
«The effort, although prominent – thus called it-, should be deepened so that they have access to this mechanism, more journalists and human rights defenders at risk, particularly those who live in rural communities».
In the same vein, the leader of the Mexican delegation to the UPR, Miguel Ruiz Cabañas, said in an interview that the Government of Peña Nieto had and maintains its «commitment» to defend journalists and defenders, and that «enormous efforts» had been made to strengthen the finances of the protection mechanism, to be a year of transition of power.
Although officials spoke of commitment and outstanding efforts, days before the National Commission on human rights had given a very different perspective.
The ombudsman, Luis Raúl González Pérez, criticized the «disdain» for federal and local authorities towards the issue of the protection of defenders and journalists last August, and in specific criticized that, for the second consecutive year, the protection mechanism had a budget problem.
The theme of the budget was reported on 8 October last by the Consultative Council of the protection mechanism for the human rights defenders people and journalists. At that time claimed that 727 defenders and journalists remain unprotected, because the federal Government had failed to fulfil their commitment of allocating the required budget.
After that point, and social pressure of different actors, including members of the Senate, finally the federal Government reported October 18 that had been already assigned resources, 112 million pesos.
Ruiz cabins said in Geneva that this amount will be enough between now and January, and it will be for the next Government work in the budget which will be the mechanism of protection, in the months ahead.
During the examination, in the Palais des Nations, countries like Germany recommended that Mexico give the mechanism a long-term budget.
At home, meanwhile, the Consultative Council of the mechanism requested the next Government «to already take necessary measures so that the start of his six-year term not only provides for the effective functioning and strengthening of the mechanism but a structural policy», recognize and promote respect for the work of journalists and advocates, in order to inhibit aggression against her.
You cannot speak of protection to journalists and defenders, he also noted the CNDH eventually, if almost all of the murders of people practising this work remain in impunity. This will be another task for the new Government, work to have a more effective justice system.

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