translated from Spanish: Do marijuana safe?: Brink’s armored trucks enter the market of cannabis

Brink sealed an agreement for several years with Canopy Growth Corp. to provide «secure logistics and cash management services» for the company of cannabis, including international shipments of marijuana, announced on Thursday the companies.
It is likely this please upload the shares of Brink’s and even allows you to qualify for inclusion in funds that traded on stock exchange focused on cannabis as the ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF, according to James Clement, analyst at Buckingham Research Group, gives to Brink’s a buy rating and a target price of US$ 110.
It could also be a more secure way to participate of the marijuana market without betting on volatile actions of cannabis, said Clement in a note published on Friday. Brink’s shares gained 1.8 percent in the first operations.
«Most of the so-called ‘actions of cannabis’ are not profitable and sold to stratospheric multiples against your income versus Brink’s, which trades at more traditional assessments of real free cash flow and earnings,» Clement wrote. «With Brink’s, an investor can get some exposure to cannabis without the risk of bubble’s assessment that some see in the market, in our view».

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