translated from Spanish: Five things that are all going to be talking about this Friday

Democrats are prepared to fight with Trump, the oil goes in a bear market and enhances the growth of the United Kingdom while just the time for the brexit. Below are some of the things in that the markets are going to be talking about today.
Are you ready?
The Democrats who will take control of the House of representatives in January promise to undertake research on personal finances and policies decided by the President of the United States, Donald Trump. For the White House, the thing is difficult because the new head of the President’s lawyers still not assumed his position and his office lacks many staff. In other news on legal appointments, the Secretary of labor, Alex Acosta, the former Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, and the judge of the federal court of appeals Edith Jones are among persons taken into account to replace permanently to Jeff Sessions as attorney general. The results of the elections on Tuesday are not closed: a recount of votes in Florida is still possible.
Bearish crude oil barrel of West Texas Intermediate for delivery in December fell to less than US$ 60 in the operations of this morning and the raw moves to achieve the longest losing streak in its history. As prices have already fallen more than 20 percent with respect to the peak reached in early October, oil is now in a bear market. This crash comes before the weekend meeting between OPEC and its allies in Abu Dhabi. The producers are suggesting that his next step could be a cut in production. In the short term, technical factors suggest that crude oil could continue falling before starting to recover.
Growth in the United Kingdom according to the figure for the third quarter British GDP, posted this tomorrow, United Kingdom recorded its strongest growth in two years, but there were certain problems, as long as the momentum slowed in August and September. The data also revealed that you improved the net the country’s commercial position, since the deficit in goods fell 9,700 million pounds sterling (US$ 12,600 million) in September. Westminster, still concentrates on finding an agreement for the brexit who can approve the Parliament and the European Union. The Democratic Unionist Party of Ireland in the North, with whose support Prime Minister Theresa May has said that it will not support the current proposal.
Markets in baja last night, the MSCI Asia Pacific index fell 1.1 percent and Japan’s Topix index fell 0.5 percent, led by technology companies loss. In Europe, the Stoxx 600 index down 0.6 percent at 5:45, New York time, as were beaten raw materials producers and makers of luxury goods are affected by a warning of Richemont, which blamed for their bad results to the weakening of demand from China. The S & P 500 futures indicated a lower opening, the performance of the bonds of the U.S. Treasury due in 10 years amounted to 3,208 percent and down the gold.
Price inflation data to the producer for USA in October leaving at 8:30. It is expected to show an increase of 0.2 percent for the month. At 10, published new figures on the University of Michigan confidence data on wholesale inventories for September. Now that was announced the new decision from the Fed, Governors and regional Presidents return to the circuit of speeches. Today will be up to the Presidents of the Federal Reserve in New York, Philadelphia, John Williams, and Patrick Harker, and the Vice President of the Fed, Randal Quarles. At 13, Baker Hughes published his new weekly count of derricks.

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