translated from Spanish: Guillermo Dietrich, about the measurement of Aerolíneas Argentinas: «It fails to understand why stop»

in the prelude of what will be the G20 Summit in the city of Buenos Aires, event that will keep practically closed Ezeiza airports and Aeroparque, held a measure of Union strength for ten hours where event took place the cancellation of 258 flights, affecting some 30,000 passengers. In the framework of a given interview to Francisco play (the nation), the Minister Guillermo Dietrich, who was at Puerto Madryn touring part of the work of the national route 3, in yesterday issued an opinion on the subject convened as from Airlines Argentinas.Dietrich said that «once again we see a tremendous irresponsibility of the Aeronautics trade union bosses, putting obstacles to the people and hurting Aerolíneas Argentinas. «Are not understanding the challenge that a sustainable company».
Consulted about whether was a political failure, the official said not to know it, that «is difficult to understand why they do the stops. Public hearings are because come new companies to make investments. They are excuses. (…) You mind having a look of a country that carries out its commercial activities». As a result of the strike was the President himself who issued a speech with an air of privatization where requested to the guilds of workers of Aerolíneas Argentinas which are felt with the corresponding authorities to begin negotiations so that the company does not require more contributions from the national State for operation.
This online Dietrich stated that «the President is right. We come from a virtuous path down millions of dollars in subsidies. (…) But in addition, for these things that make unions, Aerolíneas Argentinas is not a company chosen by foreigners.» When asked if there is chance that Aerolineas Argentinas again privatized, the Minister said: there is zero chance of ultimately privatization, reported that in yesterday’s airlines reported illegal force measurements convened by the five unions, pending definition if you take action against them.  In this note: AEROLINEAS ARGENTINAS DIETRICH MACRI

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