translated from Spanish: He flew the first batch of tickets and there was anger at the Boca fans

just a handful of minutes took for the first such General tickets for active members of face mouth to next Saturday’s game runs out before River by the f Inal Libertadores.La Cup sale was launched at 10 o’clock on the website and could buy tickets all partners who have their enabled card and the membership fee per day.

The fact that there is no filter (was speculation that he would only be able to purchase tickets who had frequented 4 of 6 matches of the continental competition) sparked the anger of many fans who went to all the meetings and were left without a place while others who perhaps not attended any, Yes will be privileged witnesses of the grand final.

Something smells weird. Because they say that they will make in two stages? ALL THE CUP THE SOLD ONE. By a championship match and by the end of the Cup do not apply filter! @BocaJrsOficial are regrettable, resale THIEVES – Ricardo S. Palomares (@RiPalomares) make it uds 8 of November of 2018 is a lack of respect for what they did. You can not leave out people who go every Sunday and all the matches in Cup – alejandro valerio (@alejandroval200) November 8, 2018 the lie more large that VIRTUAL filter.
friends that are always, not removed. While others who choose parties, removed. – Beelula * (@beelula12) November 8, 2018 from 19 hours, page, will go on sale the second batch of popular. Where are tickets for selling-there is speculation that they will be drained-, will go on sale on Friday, the same day that the last remnants of the boxes will be sold.

Original source in Spanish

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