translated from Spanish: In food of $25 000, it tries conflict of $100 billion

food Alfonso Romo called it. The personal assistant of the head of the Office of the Presidency, Cecilia, future began to contact the main contractors of the new international airport of Mexico (NAIM) since the same Monday. The appointment was agreed at Polanco at 3 p.m., in the heart of Artichoke of businessman Raúl Beyruti restaurant. The owner of GINgroup did not even knew of that fraguaría in your business. Found out about it late Monday to board a flight in Culiacan that would bring it back to the CDMX. In total 26 attendees, among members of the transition team and owners of construction companies. Namely, President-elect, Obrador Andrés Manuel López, and its next Secretary of communications and transport, Javier Jiménez Espriú, and of the Treasury, Carlos Urzúa, as well as who will be the director of the Grupo Aeroportuario CDMX, Gerardo Ferrando, and own Romo.Por contractors point to Carlos Hank Rhon and Alberto Pérez Jácome, by Grupo Hermes; Olegario Vázquez Aldir and Antonio Boullosa, by Prodemex; Antonio Gómez, representing Carlos Slim, of group Carso.Asimismo Hipolito Gerad, by group GIA+A; Guadalupe Phillips and Juan Carlos Santos, by ICA; Hector Ovalle, by Coconal; Santiago Villanueva, by VISE; Juan Diego Gutiérrez Cortina, Epccor.tambien Moses Zecua for the Jaguar group and Víctor Ortiz by Idinsa. Do Spanish companies?, note to Sergio Ramírez Lomelí, by Acciona group; Javier Pérez, by Aldesa and Enrique Alonso, by Sacyr.El restaurant heart of artichoke served Diners artichokes to grilled, baked Panela, artichokes, asparagus risotto cream of Artichoke and grilled. In addition, cuts of meat, such as heart of filet, Rib Eye Roll and Braised rib, accompanied by wine Origo House, and lemon Pie dessert. All very fifi. 900 pesos per person were consumed, on average. The ticket was around 25 pesos and paid by the office of Alfonso Romo. The attendees occupied a long rectangular table. Thursday NEGROVaya blunder of Ricardo Monreal, the leader of Morena senators, after announcing and then remove a new initiative to eliminate commissions to banking fees. His simple exhibition pulled yesterday to the BMV 5.8% and dragged banks titles. Banorte fell 11.90%, Gentera 10.23%, Inbursa 10.08%, Banregio 7.32% and 6.98% Banbajio. The explanatory statement was consistent with a general feeling of rejection to the atos, which are concentrated in five banks and costs which are not seen in any other part of the world. But the initiative generalizes to all institutions. Very poorly made. Instead of trying to delete collections by Decree should be working rather asymmetrical or differential regulation. Palm to CNBVA purpose of banks, yesterday made official the advancement that we gave him, in the sense of Adalberto Palma profiling is to preside over the National Banking Commission and de Valores (CNBV). And not only that. The transition team also confirmed what had informed him on 15 October, in the sense that Eugenio Nájera will lead Nafinsa. The novelty was that the close collaborator of Alfonso Romo will also assume the Bancomext. Jorge Mendoza in front of Banobras, was furthermore also ratified that fusioinara to the Siociedad mortgage Federal.NORIEGA ROMEROPor true that a precision: who was named Coordinator of the commercial banking isn’t Carlos Noriega Garcia, Carlos Noriega Romero. It is also a close collaborator of the same Alfonso Romo, who, along with Adalberto Palma, are working on the new architecture which will be banks on second floor. Assistant Director-general of planning of the Infonavit was when it was Luis de Pablo. Was also in the CDMX airport group with Manuel Ángel Núñez Soto.OTERO A Scotiamas early that evening also confirmed our advancement of the output of Adrián Otero of corporate banking, Government, companies and investment of BBVA-Bancomer, and its addition to Scotiabank. This was really a surprise, because it will relieve Enrique Zorrilla, which did not much, since this had done an impeccable job by bringing the Canadian Bank in the fifth place of the system. DUARTE to century XXIEl that is emerging to lead the Afore 20th century is Felipe Duarte. He is the Deputy director-general of infrastructure and energy of Grupo Financiero Banorte, partner of the IMSS in that administrator. Before he was Undersecretary of transport and Undersecretary for competitiveness and regulations. In that six-year period of Felipe Calderón worked very closely with Germán Martínez, who as future director of Social Security, it is now proposing.

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