translated from Spanish: Motorist dies from attack of bees in Tarímbaro, Michoacán

home News motorist dies from attack by bees in Tarímbaro, Michoacán Tarímbaro, Michoacán-after hitting a tree slightly, a motorist died at the being attacked by a swarm of bees; the insects came through the sunroof of the vehicle, said police sources, which added that the incident occurred during the evening of Friday on the way to the spikes, Tarímbaro fractionation.
was that the man had no bruises or signs of violence, only multiple referrals Hymenoptera pickets. Appreciated that the automotive of the extinct today is a Volkswagen Bora, red.
data from the news coverage revealed that the deceased responded to the name of Marco Antonio G., 35 years old, apparently neighboring colony Ejidal Ocolusen, belonging to the city of Morelia. The incident was prompted by some people to the emergency 911 number.
moments later became firefighters in Tarímbaro Civil protection, who, with smoke, managed to calm the bees and removed them from the scene, some paramedics later checaron the health of the pilot and confirmed the death.
early care unit was commissioned to investigate the facts and the overall coordination of expert services specialists took the body to the morgue for necropsy of law enforcement.

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