translated from Spanish: Personal and political interests behind the persecution of the indigenous Council of Nahuatzen, accuse members

Michoacan.-are personal and political interests by authorities and members of the party of the democratic revolution the grounds of the Chase the Indian citizen Council of Nahuatzen, accused two members of that group.
At a meeting scheduled with the media, America Guerra Espino and Ana María Maldonado, directly accused the PRD Martín García Avilés, Governor Silvano Aureoles rabbit and the municipal President David Otlica Avilés keep to the community in a State of siege, to harass members of the Council in order that the PRD follow ruling in place and «continue to live from the public purse».
According to the comuneras during this morning began a negotiating table with representatives from the Council, State and municipal authorities as well as representatives of the State Commission on human rights, in which the presence would be agreed for a public notary to attest to the belongings in the longhouse, the change of the stay to the facilities of the DIF where the villagers would continue working and removal of Nahuatzen David Otlica, voice of members no agreement was already fulfilled that the part of the City Hall disagreed.
In addition the comuneras also accused directly to the State Government of being linked to drug trafficking and keep external criminal groups in the interior of the municipality.
«We have handed over to people caught with weapons, money and drugs, we deliver two trucks and a car armored, but they never arrived at the facilities of security.»
Therefore, denied any behind the movement you find criminal groups or any political party.
Ana María Maldonado also mentioned that she suffered from a deprivation of liberty early on Friday, along with others of his colleagues.
It is worth mentioning that the Municipal Palace of Nahuatzen is still in the hands of the citizen indigenous Council and they have warned that they will continue managing public resources, while the conflict with the City Council is not resolved.

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