translated from Spanish: Ranking mortgage of October

according to the p location of the monthly ranking prepared by my best rate, for September, State stays as the Bank with the final cost lower for a mortgage, while Bice is the most expensive.
For all cases, the CAE calculated by the Bank underestimated the true final cost for the customer. This difference could translate into pay a lower dividend or reduce significant part of initial expenses.
The difference between the most expensive and the cheapest of the sample is 106 points based on the rate of final cost. Simple difference? «So the more expensive Bank of the ranking had the same final cost the Bank more cheap, this should today give the customer $7.144.062», points out the study.

The report notes State as the Bank with the lowest final cost for this credit with UF+3, 78% annual (important note: State Bank not delivery initial operational costs information, so it was assigned an average); Banco Bice is the most expensive with UF+4, 84% annual. On average, for this credit consulted, the final cost is UF+4, 52% yearly, with a final dividend of UF 13,00 (including insurance) and UF 45,72 initial expenses.
See the full report here.

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