translated from Spanish: Soledad Rodríguez by the daughter of Alvaro Salas audio: «Don’t know whether laugh or cry»

demand for paternity against Alvaro Salas continues to add elements and protagonists, as now discussed on an audio by Paola, of its s daughters from his marriage to Marisa Soto, where had as his dad said to despise Soledad Rodríguez.Según reported by «Intruders», rooms delivered a message where she said things like «my dad told me that he had no stomach to mess with a mine like that». In the space of show business also claimed that the daughter of the former Pujillay is «quite disappointed» with him. That audio came to the ears of the mother of the 17 year old, who through a message to journalist Michael Roldán responded to the derogatory way which would have mentioned rooms about her and her child.» Really, is so pathetic Alvaro. «» Is that I do not know whether laugh or cry… well, definitely cry now not «, said the plaintiff.» «Either (rooms) I had no stomach but nonetheless pucha… was asking me when I was stressed out if he could make me massage, because he was very good for doing massage… is seriously is so pathetic, a joke of truth», added. The lawsuit filed by Soledad against the comedian for paternity of the teenager still continues. The organizer of «Viva el Lunes» was performed three DNA tests, which were positive.

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