translated from Spanish: The Church renounces his contributions: A step towards separation?

then the rejection to the legalization of abortion, obtained in the Senate by strong pressure from the Church in the provinces, the debate by the end of the funding from the State to the Catholic Church took preponderance in the society. This context, added to the budget reduction facing the Government mandated by the International Monetary Fund, the Conference Episcopal Argentina decided to progressively renounce State support. 

After the plenary Assembly reported that «he will work on the creation of a solidarity fund» and will give «continuity of dialogue» with the Government, agreeing alternatives that will facilitate this replacement. Consulted by edge, Fortunato Mallimaci religion specialist explained that the decision of the episcopate gives credibility to the institution «it shows to the rest of society that they are equal to the set». Despite this, for the researcher the influence of the Church in politics, registered since independence, will increase. «The historical experiences in democratic European countries is that other ways to subsidize, with taxes or specific contributions invented,» said preparatory. Church and State are separated? 
In recent months took too much force the apostacia, i.e. the waiver of the condition of Apostolic Roman having from baptism. That was taken as the first step for groups seeking State secularism. To preparatory, this eclesiatica decision will accordingly although the debate that should be»much deeper». In tune with the separation should be repealed old laws imposed by the military dictatorship, such as the registration of worship, imposed in 1979 by Rafael Videla and his Minister of the Interior Albano Harguindeguy. Today the religious cults must score against registration of cult and the PRC not to be outside of the law. The role of the Church in Quilmes, Eduardo de la Serna, villero father vulnerable neighborhoods told FILO that their work is not affected by the financing of the Church: «to me does not affect me in the slightest, I never received a penny of the State». Those who receive the money he will forego the episcopate are the bishops, the priests of border and seminars and neighbourhood priests do not receive money from there. De la Serna said, will be handicapped the diocese’s poorest provinces, which must resolve their financing after this decision. ‘ Eaters we have many times receive support from the mayors of Caritas, sometimes State, but only to the dining room «. 

That contribution, he explained, is often only in spices and not with money. «On this subject, preparatory explained that it is a defect of the State through its institutions controlled the monopoly of social assistance»believes that it has to do so through religious groups».» We live in a so wild, crueller than capitalism to so many people, that political parties lose credibility and religious groups take advantage of weakened that matches», explained the researcher. In this note: separation of the Church from the State

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