translated from Spanish: The Church renounces the contributions from the State, Macri on the Superclasico, jealousy over Oriana Sabatini and much more

1. The Church confirmed that it come off «in a gradual way» of contributions from the State bishops appeal to the collaboration of parishioners the Conference Episcopal Argentina met the «gradual replacement» of public contributions. Create a solidarity fund and will appeal to the help of his faithful. Continuing reading here… 2 Mauricio Macri, a day to the Superclásico: «Have to show maturity,» the message of Macri for the Superclásico nation’s President expressed his desire for the final of the Libertadores Cup between River and Boca, and left a message conciliator for the Argentine : «whatever in peace». Continuing reading here… 3 why the wichi baby died? Stigma, poverty, higher teen pregnancies Cup and Chaco indolence Wichi community | Photo: Instagram the little girl of 13 years came the hospital with pneumonia, anemia, chronic malnutrition and a generalized infection. I had a pregnancy 28 weeks result of rape and killed both her and the baby. Ridge spoke with a medical and a Chaco lawyer about what happened. Continuing reading here… 4. the tense crossing between D’Onofrio and Conmebol President for Gallardo Alejandro Dominguez and Rodolfo D’Onofrio met in Conference with the sanction of the technician of River Plate in the center of the controversy, the millionaire President had no hesitation in going on the crossing after ap Elar decision: «the right of admission is for criminals,» said. Continuing reading here… 5 laurita is not unique: Oriana Sabatini consists to his former job postings by Oriana Sabatini consists Julián Serrano | Photo: Instagram between flower Vigna and Laurita Fernandez began a war if it was good or not posting a photo of the romance in fiction with his partner, but apparently Julián Serrano, it is generated the same conflict. Continuing reading here… 6 Luisana Lopilato: «your body is your House, if don’t take care you where you think live?»

Luisana Lopilato talked about bulimia and the anorexia│Foto: Instagram @luisanalopilato actress took a posting of his sister and threw his thoughts via Instagram regarding food and health. Continuing reading here… In this note:

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