translated from Spanish: The fans of mouth, nervousness, anxiety and expectation

Less than 24 hours from the start of the game of round of the Copa Libertadores final between Boca Juniors and River Plate, which will be played at la Bombonera, the fans of the ‘Xeneize’ are settled between the nervousness, anxiety and expectation.
«There are many nerves, but we are confident that we will win the Cup, that we are going to get a good result tomorrow and that the 24 on the Court of Rivervamos to be able to turn around», told Efe Mariano Carpena, of 43 years.
Despite the nerves, Carpena said that it looks «good» team. «After the group stage it was increasing the level, it is more firm, I believe that we can get a good result. Well, River is also playing well. I think are two very good teams, but well, hopefully turn around», he added.
Carpena is one of the nearly 50,000 lucky who can witness the party’s trip from the stadium.
Another is Alexis Fortomán, 27, who told Efe that it is a «privilege» to attend this historic meeting.
«There is a very limited capacity, we are going to be some of the unique in the world that are able to be here in,» he said.
«I’m anxious, anxious as any fan of Boca. A final is thus expected to be all week. Tension exists between people, between friends, partners. Live with passion», he said.
Luz Álvarez Aguilera, 50-year-old, could also get membership to encourage this Saturday Boca Juniors in the Bombonera.
She said to be accustomed to that mouth play decisive instances, but, however, acknowledged that this will be a special finish and therefore predicts that players will have a «unique» and «incredible» Welcome to go out onto the field.
«We showed many times that we are the best fans, why are half plus one.» We prepare everything to encourage. Tomorrow already played us 50 or 70 per cent of the final in our field, then good, we will play the other part that remains,»he said.
Unlike them, Claudio Carlino, 51-year-old, may not be tomorrow at the Bombonera. So he decided to spend today by the club to «give its support» to the team.
«These hours are living with anxiety, nervous, eager. Desire to beat River once for all», said.
For him, there is no doubt that Boca is going to be champion of America.
Another sympathizer who visited the Bombonera Friday was Angels Aguero.
The young woman said that this superclásico is the most expectation generated you all the Boca-River.
«The world comes to a standstill before a super classic. I expect us to win, I am very confident because the team sees itself is quite well. I am confident in the team and I hope we win,»he added.
Boca Juniors and River Plate will play this Saturday the party’s first leg of the final of the Copa Libertadores in the Bombonera at 17.00 local (20.00 GMT). The return will be on Saturday 24 at the Monumental at the same time.
Both games will be played only in local public safety reasons and by decision of the Presidents of both clubs, who have argued that otherwise they should reduce the capacity of both stadiums for the local fans.

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