translated from Spanish: UN says that it can not turn truck migrants

once members of the migrant caravan asked the High Commissioner of the UN trucks enabling them to continue their way to United States, the IAEA dismissed this request, as He said that give them transportation is not part of their job.
In a statement, the office of the United Nations for Refugees (UNHCR), that of the High Commissioner (UN-DH) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said that any aid for the transport of migrants to another country «required for the» prior consent or request of the States concerned», and that the headquarters of the Agency are»unable to provide the transportation required by some members of the caravan».
Another exposed argument was that the IOM subscribes to international covenants on seeking a «safe, orderly and regular» migration with a holistic migration approach.

Offices in Mexico of UNHCR, IOM, UN-DH met on 8 November a delegation of migrants of the caravan which is located in the CDMX. In relation to migrants, the mandate of these agencies adds to the activities described in the release – UN-DH Mexico (@ONUDHmexico) 9 November 2018

do not want them to see, says the Caravan
migrants felt a lack of support and asked that the United Nations again arise during your journey, because they said «cheated» by the Agency.
«They’ve taken their decision tell us that no, I come to give face, to report to the United Nations, to the President of Mexico, Honduras, Salvador, Guatemala, because they are those who are doing that the UN does not support us in what we need,» said Joel García one of the members to question the decision of the UN.

«We don’t ask much. We have children, pregnant women, sick. «We have taken the decision of not wanting them to see in our caravan», said.
A young migrant woman named Elena, who said to speak on behalf of the mothers of the caravan, said that the only people who have been supporting them are the defender of human rights in Oaxaca, because he said «never have left us alone».
The migrant caravan was divided. The majority of the Group of Central American suspended his release from the city of Mexico, scheduled for 05:00 hours on Friday and continues in the Magdalena Mixhuca, however, a contingent of approximately a thousand people came out heading to Queretaro.

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