translated from Spanish: With a partial cut in the Pan American Cup, are protesting the former Donnelley employees

with a «cuadernazo» and a partial cut of transit, the cooperative Madygraf – former Donnelley – workers were protesting in the collection of the Esco branch bar of the Pan-American Highway, to the height of km 36.7, in Garin. The gendarmerie is in place to prevent protesters disrupt highway traffic.

Infantry Guard seeks to avoid cutting the workers of this imprint, managed by workers from four years ago, explained that the protest is carried out «in defense of 150 jobs». Complain about the cigarettes in the different services, but especially in the light Bill: the last ballot who received was for $1,000,000.
«Without government support it is impossible to continue,» argue the cooperative.

The «cuadernazo» consists of «surrender free notebooks to motorists, with the aim of, in addition, a dialogue and internalize them on the situation», said the workers, who make the cut next to groupings of left.
in this note: protest Pan American EXDONELLEY cigarettes

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