translated from Spanish: Women’s participation in the creation of companies grows 16% in 2018

A total of 107.112 natural partners are recorded at September 2018 in the creation of companies and societies in the country, through the register of companies and societies (RES) – better known as «Your company in one day» – R Radar SME report edCapital. Of the universe, 33.8% corresponds to women, that is a total of 35.846 members, compared to the accumulated at the same month of the previous year (30.962 women), meaning an increase of 15.8%.
Men, on the other hand, a total of 70.316 partners, according to the figures of the Ministry of economy, increasing 11.4% in 2018 so far. There are 950 cases that do not report gender in the period.
«This figure shows that the participation of women in the creation of SMEs are taking a growing force. It is a concrete change and is undoubtedly a positive sign which is in line with the objectives of the agenda of the country and international standards», explained Gustavo Ananía, CEO of RedCapital, a firm that provides financing to SMEs through crowdfunding.
On the other hand, in general terms, a total of 75.043 companies and societies by RES in so far in the year, have been created resulting in an increase of 15.6 percent recorded in September 2017. But whereas those formed through the official journal (22.540), the increase is 10.7%. Anyway, 2018 is still placing as the best year in terms of creation of companies since it began to consolidate this record.
These figures, however, are known in the midst of restrictions of banks to SMEs, according to the results of the survey on bank loans in the third quarter of 2018, of the Central Bank. In this it is concluded that 17% of these entities are substantially tighter conditions for small and medium-sized enterprises.
«As players in that industry, with this, have said authorities are going forward to the new regulation of banks. In this context, SMEs financing alternatives, either to meet their obligations or well expander operations, is key. That way, the loans and factoring crowdfunding represents an important contribution to the development of the country», said Anania.

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