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Sir: in Chile each litre of fuel gasoline 93 octane today pays in taxes nearly $300, according to the web site of the internal revenue service.
This greatly influences the rates burden on consumers.
In the portal of the National Energy Commission is likely to quote the benzine of 93 octane throughout the national territory. While in Santiago, the most economic price ranges from $730 and 740 pesos, in Cochrane in the Aysén Region fluctuates between $888 and $1,003 the liter of 93 octane!, of which almost $300 pesos are: «tax or tax credits corresponding to the» fuels from petroleum referred to in laws 18.502 and 20.493 or 20.765 (the latter from 7 August 2014), in accordance with the respective reference prices Decree of the ministries of energy and finance. «.»
Where does this money go?
How much to invest our country in the search for new energy resources to meet our demand?
How much to invest Chile in technological development related to renewable energy? In the context of the global search for alternatives to fossil fuels.
Even though our country is not rich in hydrocarbons it has great energy resources, as well as vast reserves of lithium, instrumental in the transition to a new way to use energy and resources. If we want to be a country relatively developed we are obliged to develop technology and let the «laziness» of extractivism.
Pedro Guzman Marin

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