translated from Spanish: Pension reform generates noise in officialdom: Ossandón sends its own project because the Government «does not solve underlying problem»

Senator of national renewal (RN), Manuel José Ossandón criticized – in part – the pension reform that the Government plans, but did not stay only in words, but this v Friday sent Sebastián Piñera a proposal to «improve» the project.
The same former presidential candidate explains his intention: «the reform of the Government does not solve the underlying problem that exists today, the low pensions. If we do not take care, we will need another reform in three years, because people will reject it. Anyway, we must recognize that there is a huge financial effort of the State», he said in an interview with the daily El Mercurio.
Ossandon said that he supported that Piñera is so played with the project, but «you need to take care with dramatic urgency that exists for that 59% of Chileans already retired. «Today – and this Government – recognize it there are 2.8 million pensioners, of whom more than half, 1.5 million, needs the solidarity pillar, i.e. receive clearly insufficient pension».
Among the best sent to the President, Ossandón highlights three important: the first consists in increasing the salary of workers 5% charge to the employer and within a period of five years; that is, 1% per year. The second, that if it is that it is adopted – is administered that 5% or 4% without Commission by the AFP. And the third proposes ending agreed deposits that allow people with higher incomes to circumvent 8.8 billion pesos in taxes a year.
«The AFP are partly responsible for what is happening, because they always knew that 10% contribution would not achieve, i.e. that the pension would be bad. But they didn’t say anything, they followed in their business», he said.

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