translated from Spanish: Reports Jalisco mil 555 cases of dengue fever; Van 3 deaths

“we are concerned, we have thousand 555 cases of dengue this epidemiological week which takes place;” with three deaths that we are investigating. Of the 125 municipalities of Jalisco, dengue prevails in 118; “we need the population to participate and help us deal with this problem”. This was announced by Dr. José Márquez Amezcua, Director-General of public health of the State of Jalisco (SSJ) during his inaugural message of the second International Symposium on emerging Arboviruses organized by the Autonomous University of Guadalajara (UAG) and that held in the Aula Magna of the institution with loa participation of students, teachers and medical professionals.
The SSJ official added that there have been deaths from dengue fever in early age groups and that the problem focuses on the population does not participate or help the Secretariat in efforts to combat the mosquito carrier of the virus.” Zero type 2, which affects Jalisco and the Mexican Republic, is one of the more virulence and lethality has. Of every 10 houses we visited in Jalisco, in six don’t open us the door. the biggest problem is that we have become accustomed to living with mosquitoes carrying dengue fever, zika and chingunkuya”, he explained.
He added that the solution is not ending the transmitter vector but control it; He repeated, and urged that citizens must work with the authorities and support on an integrated strategy to prevent expansion.

Fumigation against the mosquito. Photo: The Debate “in this sense must say that analyzing the data and comparing them with those who presented the World Health (who) Organization we have discovered that our strategies are aligned to those of the international agencies to take this fight effectively. Part of this task are this kind of events, as the Symposium of the UAG, which adds to the aim of providing skills and knowledge the doctors and staff of the health area,”he said. He added that the UAG has maintained its commitment to keep you in the fight against this virus and mosquito with different actions as working together with universities foreign, research and participation in awareness campaigns.
He noted that the prevalence of the mosquito and its activity has changed and is adapted as time passes so the authorities and the population must redouble efforts; then he stated that Jalisco has an innovative test – since the beginning of last year, called Triplex-which helps to safely and quickly diagnose the disease. A Cientificoen this same event programme, the academic Vice Chancellor, Dr. Fernando Mata Carrasco, shared a message on behalf of the University authorities in which mentioned the commitment of the UAG to provide knowledge and professionals of the area of the prepared health in a holistic manner for the benefit of the population of Jalisco, Mexico and the world. This event will last three days and in us will be given lectures on hemorrhagic arbovirus, its prevalence in America, transmission, pathophysiology, prevention, congenital zika, histopathology of the virus, among others. In this note:

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