translated from Spanish: Rosario: approved to remove religious images of schools and hospitals

by most, the Councillors of the city of Rosario, approved an Ordinance calling for the Government of Santa Fe which, through the ministries of education and health, l be removed “os symbols and religious images installed in schools and hospitals public or belonging to the provincial government in that city.” You must be the freedom and the right to profess any cult but from secularism, contemplating and containing the elections each. “Can not put one above the other”, said Councillor Celeste Lepratti block front Social and popular author of the initiative.
“Not only the religious symbolism is not representative of the entire population, but which in turn does not agree with the secularism of the municipality and the province”.

The Ordinance, which seeks the effective enforcement of the principles of freedom of religion and of conscience, refers to the “common places” of the public institutions, so it provides some exceptions such as oratories in the inside of hospitals, where people decide to go by their own free will, and works of art or what is considered as part of the heritage of the place.
Rosario is the first city in the country with a rule of this kind, and accompanies a debate raised in the society for some time about the need for the separation of the Church from the State. And by way of background, it is worth to remember that already in two universities, Córdoba and the National University of Cuyo, pupils removed religious images after voting in assemblies. In this note: Church and State ROSARIO public education

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