translated from Spanish: This Sunday is normalized the supply of water

the Chief of Government of the city of Mexico, José Ramón Amieva, reported that water storage tanks are above 90% of its capacity, so it has been exceeded the cut and shortages in the capital of the p AIS.
At press conference after starting the day in winter with you, he explained that this Saturday night, to take on Sunday, will be normalized the supply to the 13 districts affected by the Court which began on October 31.
It was reported that you will still remain the operational of pipes a few more days for those who require it.
«Then we could say, under the condition that the Cutzamala system continue operating as usual, it has been able to overcome the issue of cutting, the shortage of water that was experienced in recent days», he said.
Lee: would run out of water served to repair the Cutzamala system? Only fleetingly Amieva downplayed the possible impact to commercial establishments during the nearly two weeks that lasted the contingency, pointing out that, in the days of celebrations for the day of the dead, were received 200 thousand national and foreign visitors.
About the sediments in the water have been reported in some areas of Iztapalapa after the reactivation of the supply, he explained that from that begins to run the water through the pipes in about seven hours they will not have.
The head of Government reiterated the recommendation not to consume water while it comes out murky lines, since this is due to accumulated sediment.
Meanwhile, he said, citizenship must keep the culture of saving because on average a person uses in this city of 150 to 300 liters per day.
He said that this year has been more rain in 37 years and with an area of 800 square meters of catchment water approximately 10 families of four people for eight months can be.
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