translated from Spanish: Video distributed by the White House was not altered: Trump

new YORK-before boarding a plane to Paris, on Friday President Donald Trump insulted some more reporters, threatened others with cancel them the accreditations for the White House com or Jim Acosta of CNN and rejected that its Press Secretary had released altered video of the incident of the journalist with an intern. During a brief conversation with the press outside the presidential residence, the President of the United States returned to delight fans that enjoy watching it when it contravenes with journalists.  Trump stated that “no one manipulated” a video distributed by the Press Secretary of the White House, Sara Sanders, which Acosta is resisting the attempt of the fellow to take the microphone during a press conference on Friday.

An expert told The Associated Press that the video seemed altered to accelerate the movement of the arm of Acosta in order to make that gesture would seem more threatening. The White House used the incident to justify the removal of credentials Acosta nobody he manipulated it, said the President. It is simply a closeup. This is not manipulation.  

Abba Shapiro, independent producer video hired by the AP to compare images tweeted by Shapiro with coverage that made the Agency’s press conference, said that the disruption was “too accurate to be an accident”.  Two comedians Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel, mentioned in the Thursday night programs that Sanders should be dismissed by their behavior.  
The U.S. President seemed upset. Photo: AP the fact that the White House Press Secretary is promoting this manipulated video is reprehensible, and is a reason for the dismissal, said Colbert.  

Although Trump described as “dishonest” to the reporter who asked him about the video, the qualifier was modest compared with the way in which tried April Ryan, correspondent at the White House for American Urban Radio Networks, and Abby Phillip of CNN.  Phillip asked Trump if he wanted Matt Whitaker, the new Secretary of Justice, contains the Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller in his research on the collusion between Trump and Moscow campaign.  
Stupid question did you, replied the President. Stupid question, and I see much to you and it makes many stupid questions.  

In response, CNN said on Twitter that the question of Phillip was not stupid.  
In fact, it made the most pertinent question of the day, said the chain. Trump insults are nothing new. And they are never surprised.  

Ryan aggression was not caused, although the President seemed upset at the News Conference on Wednesday when the journalist stood up and asked, without microphone, on the abolition of the voting in elections of half period.  
I see her stand up, Trump said on Friday. I mean, you talk about someone who is an unsuccessful, she doesn’t know what the hell is doing. Get advertising, and then gets a pay raise, or a contract, I think that CNN. But it is very unfriendly, and it should not be.  

Ryan became a contributor to CNN last year. He said the chain that the three Presidents that has covered before Trump may not would have liked every question he asked, but they understood why had raised them.  
In the end it was part of the American process, it was part of what the founding fathers established for accountability of the President of the United States, he added. This President seems to not like it, and therefore I am a failure.  

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