translated from Spanish: Events of November 11: what a day like today?

in a November 11 as today, but in 2004, Palestinian President Yasser Arafat dies at dawn in a hospital military Paris. After his death it is formed an interim Government composed of Rauhi Fatuh as Acting Chairman of the ANP; Mahmoud Abbas (Abú Mazen), PLO Chairman and Ahmed Qurea (Abu Ala), Prime Minister.
Other efemerides:1484-Díaz de Montalvo concludes “Castilla laws Ordinance” collection, entrusted by the Kings catolicos.1523-Garcilaso de la Vega is named Knight of the order of Santiago.1673.-the master of Polish field John Sobieski defeat to Turks in Chotin, which led him to the throne of Poland in 1674.1811-Cartagena de Indias pleads independiente.1817-Fusilado in Mexico, by the traitor, Francisco Javier Mina “the guerrilla”, nephew of Espoz and Mina.1836-Chile is opposed to the formation of the Peru – Bolivia Confederation and declares war on both paises.1838.-begins in Uruguay the dictatorship of José Fructuoso Rivera, which lasted until 1843.1855.-death of Søren Kierkegaard, philosopher and writer danes.1887.-for the first time sings the national anthem Colombian, with Rafael Núñez lyrics and music by Oreste Sindici.1911-born Roberto Matta, Franco-Spanish painter born in Chile.1926-the British George Bernard Shaw, Nobel Prize in Literatura.1928-born Carlos Fuentes, writer and diplomat mexicano.1938.- Ismet Inönü was elected as new Chief of Estado turco.1940-Mundial Guerra II: British torpedo planes left out more than half of the Italian fleet, in the Gulf of Tarento.1944-allies recognize the Albanian Government of Enver Hoxha.1945.-born Daniel Ortega, sandinista President of Nicaragua.1960.-the Albanian leader Enver Hoxha notorious quits the World Conference of Communist parties in moscu.1951.-Juan Domingo Peron is re-elected President of Argentina.1958-born Luz Casal, singer espanola.1965-unilateral declaration of independence of Rhodesia.1966.-the Council of Ministers of Spain agrees to pardon him total for the political responsibilities in the Civil War espanola.1973-Egypt and Israel sign high fire in Suez Road to El Cairo.1974-López Rega founds the Argentina anticommunist Alliance (triple A), which forced hundreds of intellectuals of left to leave the pais.1979.-Javier Rupérez, Secretary of Foreign Affairs of UCD, he is kidnapped by ETA.1980-held in Madrid the III Conference of security and European cooperation attended by delegates from 35 paises.1986-Mijaíl Gorbachov imposes on Fidel Castro the order of Lenin for his contribution to the promotion of fraternal relations between the USSR and Cuba.1987.-the first Secretary of the Committee Central of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in Moscow, Boris Yeltsin, is dismissed for “serious failures”.1989-forty-four people are killed and more than 50 injured by a paramilitary group which occupied population mining of Segovia, in the northeast of Colombia.1992.-the Anglican Church of England approved the ordination of the mujeres.1994.-Parliament Austrian confirms the incorporation of Austria into the European Union on January 1, 1995.1996-closed the IV Ibero-American Summit. The “Declaration of Viña del Mar” advocates the defense of the democratic model against the autoritario.1997.-UNESCO adopted the Universal Declaration on the human genome, the genetic heritage of humanity and human rights, first text in Paris International that it reconciles freedom of research and protection of the humanidad.1999.-Seventy and a people die and 10 are injured when a residential building collapsed in Foggia (Italy).2000-155 people die in a fire in a cable car underground in the Alps austriacos.2001.-twelve Colombian peasants are killed by paramilitaries in Antioquia.2002-city Colombian Zipaquira Archbishop and President of the Council Episcopal Latinoamericano (CELAM), Monsignor Jorge Enrique Jimenez, he is kidnapped by the FARC.2004-Lithuania, first country in the 25 EU Member that ratifies the Constitution Europea.2005-Union Christian Democrat (CDU) and the Social Democratic Party (SPD) reached an agreement to form a coalition Government in Germany, Angela Merkel.2008.-dies María Elena Marqués, actress mexicana.2010-chaired by the Kurdish leader, Yalal Talabani, re-elected President of Irak.En this note:

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