translated from Spanish: Girardi requests urgent “Focus” law for older adults

Senator Guido Girardi, President of the Health Commission of the Senate, called on the Government to put an urgency to the project of law giving preference that establishes “one term no more than an hour” for the delivery of drugs, “La e to older adults”.
The parliamentarian, one of the authors of the initiative, explained “health care centers is felt a serious situation where patients – most, older adults – should expect delivery of your medications between three and six hours”.
He added that “that is unacceptable, because undermines the dignity of the person, violates their human rights and is produced administrative negligence.” It is not only a problem of resources, but lack of intelligence in the Administration”.
The PPD Senator recalled that the project “was already approved transversely in the Health Commission and sets one period not more than an hour to be mandatory for the delivery of medicines particularly if they are older adults”.
And he concluded by pointing out that “we want to restore dignity, this can be done, it is an issue of common sense. And so I urge the Executive to give urgency to this law which, moreover, is completely cross.”

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