translated from Spanish: Macaya called to Boric for visit to Palma Salamanca: «You together with self-confessed author of murder on the sly»

«transcends all boundaries. Palma Salamanca is not only a terrorist is a criminal fugitive of the Chilean justice. He is a person who committed crimes and that was condemned, which committed crimes not only in Chile but also in other sides», were the words of the President of the UDI, Jacqueline van Rysselberghe, referring to the meeting of the Deputy of the movement in Paris Gabriel Boric Autonomista with front Ricardo Palma Salamanca in Paris. The meeting which took place in September, on a scale on a trip to Palestine, is for van Rysselberghe «unpresentable», said Emol, questioning that did not make it public before.» I think that for him it would be best that he kept secret because I think a very big explanation that due to the country. Here it cannot be that the political authorities anden together with criminals what if it were the other way around? What would happen if someone right it had coupled with someone who escaped from jail to hidden? They would have hung him from the Plaza de Armas», he said. For his part, Javier Macaya, was categorical in criticizing Boric, «Ethically disabled to be legislator, politically unable to represent citizens and humanly miserable for having done on the sly». Even through his Twitter account, Macaya directly called upon the parliamentary of the broad front: «really, @gabrielboric should rethink the ethical standard that you have as a legislator in the field of human rights. Secretly together you with self-confessed author of murder to Senator and others. Due process? If you are self-confessed! «, replied.»

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