translated from Spanish: Teenager captured by feminicide in Coahuila

Saltillo.-a teenager of 16-year-old was arrested by the General Prosecutor’s Office of Coahuila, who accused of the crime of femicide of a young man of 19 years of age, and who was identified as Nailea Abigai l Rodriguez Estrada, whose body was found on October 29 on grounds of the trails of Torreon.el Prosecutor Gerardo Marquez Guevara colony reported that the arrest was later after 11 days of research, up to research agents Crimina managed to locate the likely head to Eric «n», 16 years of age, within the framework of operation «lagoon, strong, Segura and in peace».

Feminicide was recorded October 29 in Coahuila. Photo: Pixabay according to the release by the authorities, the findings indicate that the accused and the victim held a friendly relationship, but the day of the killing, the victim and the offender staged a discussion and the exchange of threats.

They point out that Erick «n» hit the face of the young woman with a block, to flee after abandoning the corpse and take refuge in his residence located in an ejido close to the place where the killing occurred. After presenting evidence to the judge’s Control, an arrest warrant was obtained to locate the alleged murderer, who now face charges which are recognised as the probable Commission of the crime of murder of women and those who are.
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