translated from Spanish: Agustín Rossi: “peronism and the opposition do not spare you nothing”

the former Minister of defence, Agustín Rossi, said the need to carry out a rapprochement with the political space represented by the “federal” Peronism in the last hours. In particular, the reference was aimed at the tandem formed by Miguel Pichetto, Sergio Massa, Juan Manuel Urtubey and Juan Schiaretti. The purpose? Achieve “find a unitary expression of opposition” facing elections in 2019.En this sense, Rossi said that they have been initiated procedures for the incorporation of other political parties as it is the case of project South of “pino” Fernando Solanas, thus also as the eventual “return” Florencio Randazzo.
The legislator by the front for victory (FpV) held dialogue with Radio 10 that “no underestimate the first lap” nor be considered in a runoff scenario all the votes of the opposition will join.  Rossi raised that “the path has to be opposing construction of a big step in any case and then try to move general elections with a candidate or single candidate of the opposition”.
“The unit signal also is to the whole society argentina of who really want to govern, that we are not in a war of vanities.”

The Deputy Kirchner also stressed that the unit process already began to occur and its most concrete expression is seen in the role that the labor movement has in this new space. He stressed in the end the inclusion of Hugo Yasky, Secretary General of the CTA, noting that of with its arrival is cared for the Arch of the trade unionism of the elections of next year. In this article: AGUSTÍN ROSSI SERGIO MASSA PERONISM

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