translated from Spanish: Servers will soon receive pantry vouchers and payment of six-year bonus

Mexico.-the last 7 November the leader of the Trade Union Federation of workers at the service of the State, Joel Ayala reported that workers at the service of the State will receive this week called six-year bonus and payment vouchers of pantry. That’s how it became known in circular 043/2018 FSTSE, comprised of 89 national unions with more than 2 million members. The Economist also said that you as a result of the relationship of formal, respectful understanding in the workplace, “within the process of the policy agreed with the Federal Government, we proceed to apply from this day on, the agreements reached end of year”.

Joel Ayala Almeida. Photo: EFE in the State of Mexico is all set to the Governor this morning the DEBATE published that the Governor of the State of Mexico, Alfredo de el Mazo, will receive the first fortnight of December 581 thousand 365.49 weights corresponding to a part of their Christmas bonus, bonuses and salary , according to the website of public information Office Mexiquense.Los State bureaucrats receive their bonus in two parts: 40 days of salary in the first half of November and 20 days prior to Easter holidays, but for the high command the first date through to December 15. The page details that harness you are entitled to 60 days of wages by concept of aguinaldo, which equates to 348 thousand 819.30 pesos.

Governor of the State of Mexico, Alfredo de el Mazo. Photo: Reform of that sum is added holiday bonus, which are given to bureaucrats in December and in the case of the President amounts to 25 days of salary base, equivalent to 145 thousand 341.37 pesos. In addition, according to the public information office, Mallet receives annually a bonus of 20 days of base pay, so it will be available in December of an extra 116 thousand 273.10 pesos. Mallet will be December 15, 232 thousand 546.20 pesos per 40 days of aguinaldo, 145 thousand 341.37 holiday premium weights and 116 thousand 273.10 pesos per annual bonus, which added to his two weeks gives a total of 581 thousand 365.49 pesos.
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