translated from Spanish: Benegas and option of the «I think» u title that can be given and we must have faith

Leandro Benegas, front of University of Chile, said Tuesday that in the blue squad confidence is to stop regarding the possibility of reaching (r) the title of the National Championship 2018, two dates for the term. With six points per contest, the cast Frank Kudelka directs lies in second place with 53 points, just a few of the leading Catholic University, having even a more accessible fixture in the HomeStretch. Consulted by the chance of the title, the former Union La Calera, Palestinian and Audax Italiano said at a press conference that «there are still six points in dispute and we are two (of the UC). While the mathematical is given, we have to do our job». «The truth is that it is possible, we have faith. The star 18 we also collated almost going back, reaching the last date with just enough, to do our work as we do it this last time. I think that can be given and we must have faith,»he added. In addition, the front center recalled that «this team unfortunately had negative results in the beginning, but we turn the page and prove what we were made to overcome the bad results». The native of Mendoza said that having come to fight for the Crown, reaching five triumphs in line, is to «just work and keep the union on those moments which is the most difficult, because sometimes they are different States of mind of each one and the group always» It held together, it is one of the important things that today we are fighting for the tournament». Finally, Benegas clarified not knowing if it will remain in the collegiate cast for the 2019 season. «What I most want is get to 100%. I want to improve and be on this team, this club which for me personally is the largest in Chile», he said.

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