translated from Spanish: Debuted in an official AFA party green card: what?

soccer world is going towards a revolution where the values of education and respect are gaining a place. After the implementation of Fair Play (game clean) in several global award, now came the individual distinctions for players, in full partido.EL first Adrián Coronel shows green card Renzo Ferrari. Photo: AFA Renzo Ferraro of Argentinos Juniors, was the first player to see the green card in Argentina. During the 2008/09 category AFA official match, referee Adrián Coronel showed particular carton by his solidarity action with a player of the opposing team.» It is an initiative for growth of fair play and mutual respect. It has only symbolic value,»said one of the members of the Commission on youth football and children of AFA, where the project, comes after the action of the player of the»bicho». which rewards the card Green?

Green card rewards behavior with opponents and teammates. Photo: Twitter @FIFAcom_es the training tournaments of the Association of Argentine Soccer Referees have the decision to make this card for different actions into full play, as a gesture of approval of the College. They include: help a player to an injured opponent.
Recognition of a player to a fault in the arbitral decision.
Good behavior of parents spectators.
Player or technically avoiding protests to the referee.
Environmentally friendly use of language with colleagues and occasional adversaries.
Italy and Brazil, the PRIMEROSDesde who presented the FIFA project so this gesture, can be used both federations took the lead worldwide and already use it. Europeans were the first to adopt it in 2015 and then use it for the first time in Serie B (second division). On the other hand, the South Americans apply from 2016, but it affects only minor categories. FAR from FIFA, the card Green is a punishment in CONIFA, the green card is a punishment. Photo: Twitter out of what are the tournaments organized by FIFA, play tournaments organized by the Confederation of independent football (CONIFA), and between them own rules are governed and there is also the green card. In this case, the same rules outlined that the green card is to expel a player from the field of play, which may be replaced by another, while still remaining the team changes done. As they emphasise, it is a way of punishing the individual character of the player, the referee without hurting the team, in actions that merit the red, such as disrespect.

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