translated from Spanish: Get to know the origin of the curious meme of “Help, me fainting, shut up old lesbian”

go to the reptile clapping and dancing. You hear the music. You do not know what it is, but causes you to grace and, after a while, without date, you’re already humming the song. Yes, we’re talking about dinosaur wearing sunglasses and dance to the rhythm of a catchy theme that repeats over and over again “Help, me fainting, shut up old lesbian”.

What is the origin of this meme?
Mainly Viralizado on Instagram in Argentina, part of this curious meme has emerged in another social network and in another country. In Mexico, the Facebook “Jurassic Park Builder” game became very famous: basically, the goal is to create a theme park with dinosaurs. However, what most rescued users were striking copies that are focused, so it began to take screenshots of them adding meaningless phrases and giving way to the so called “dino memes”.

“Jurassic Park Builder”, a Facebook game that gave origin to part of this meme from there, humorous creation that caught attention was that of a multicolored dinosaur whose photo read: “shut up, old lesbian”.

One of the “dino memes” that are more viralizó origin of the “shut up, old lesbian” this particular phrase arose from a photo taken by a public transport showing one older man reading the newspaper and detained in an article titled “would become lesbian?”.

Photo of the adult man who triggered the “shut up, old lesbian” there is a second assumption of the birth of this sentence: apparently also would have emerged from a Facebook Messenger conversation between a man and a woman who is viralizó: chat, they say, would have also arisen the phrase “Shut up old lesbian” origin of “help, me fainting” the first part of this catchy phrase would have arisen in August of this year, once you circulate information – already known – that the best thing for a person when lower you the p resion is to make a Coca Cola, because caffeine containing dispels the chances of fainting. The joke came when internet users began to joke saying that, to get a free Coke, only had to shout “help, me fainting”. Originally, this song was just “help, me fainting, where a Coca”, although most viralizó with its second version. what song dancing dinosaur?
The base of this issue-viral seems to have been taken from the single “ass” by Pitbull with Lil Jon.

Yes, this dancer dinosaur has its history. Not you expected it, isn’t it?

Original source in Spanish

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