translated from Spanish: Is Morelia a city of readers?

who have read to me in times past will have received, more than once, that this question round my mind. And is that while most of the media ensures that what I see is not, quite the opposite; I’m going to the cafes, plazas, even in public transport – despite the terrible bumps – and I find at least one person who reads, either the newspaper or a book.
Morelia is a city of students, an important sector of its population made up University – remember that many come from other communities or States-; compared to the rest of the population, we could say that it is divided among employees of departments of Government, teachers – basic level, middle and upper-, merchants, among others. As we can see, our population is diverse, not only in work, but in origins, but their occupations relate largely to tasks that involve reading.
Added to this, a couple of weeks ago, along with two dear friends I made a release of books in the historic center, the results much caught my attention. First the reaction of disbelief several to see which had a book free in his eyes, in second speed with which were books and third availability showing several to sit awhile to start reading that just fall into their m years. Why then not I see seas of people at book fairs?
The three points took me to the same conclusion, people wanting to immerse themselves in the stories, that there is no doubt, but the opportunities that a reader walk of history in history are limited for several reasons. I believe that the first impediment of one person to approach a book is the image that has been raised to us reading, because it is conceived as an educated, erudite people’s own work, i.e., not any understands what expose you printed pages. This sort of myth makes many fear to read a book, why see it as something difficult. If there is a fear by approaching reading, not to mention presentations of books, tables of dialogue or talks on literary themes.
Another point which is interposed between the readers and the books is the cost of the latter. If a book that tends to draw the attention of several round between 200 and 400 pesos, it is not easy that purchase you, because there are other expenses that must be prioritized – services, food, transportation, etc. Not having a living wage, it is more difficult to do a book that accompany us in our day to day. However, there are publishers who published books on economic issues and that its content is very good, the only drawback is that these tend to be books that we know as classics, which are perceived by many as works hard to understand, what we brings back to the first point.
Third and last point is the time that each person has for recreation. In many cases, free time is limited by the long hours of work that a person must do to cover monthly expenses. We have forgotten that leisure time is necessary so people can relax and forget for a while from the routine.
Now, once I have explained all the problems that I see in the way of the readers, can do in this respect? If the readers are not going to events disseminated literature, approach the literature to them; Let us who know her, that they lose their fear of him. Let’s talk about what we read, not to boast, but to awaken in others the desire to read. Just a little weaken the first obstacle that the other two begin to disappear, because it is true there are expensive books, being aware of the unnecessary expenses that we do during the month, we will realize that Yes we can acquire at least one book economic every now and then; time, if the issue presented in the book draws us, we will look for spaces to immerse us in its pages.
However, not all the responsibility lies with the readers, also publishers should assume their share. Just as there is diversity in the population that makes up our city, readings must be also. It is not fair to make each delivery of the book fair with the content and the prices that we see every day of the year; to make a person feel wanting to acquire a new book must have access to what’s new and what better if there are offers, but offers that are provided by the Publisher, not by booksellers to this see more losses than gains. We have to see the acquisition of new books as a purchase that benefits the author and bookseller, not just the Publisher.
And eye, Morelia have readers does not mean that we do not require more, unlike other circles, the readers always accepts new members, then, I thought what a day will go to the book fair?
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