translated from Spanish: Outside San Juan Ixhuatepec group was that attacked Federal Police

the Commissioner general of the Federal Police, a Manelich Castilla Craviotto, pointed out that although already the research after the lock folders were integrated in the colonia San Juan Ixhuatepec, in Tlalnepantla, State of Mexico, none of those listed belongs to that community.
Castilla Craviotto explained that following the closure of almost 20 hours, the Mexico-Pachuca Highway, has white balance, there was no civilians or injured safety elements after reopening the circulation.
Read: They are released after 20 hours the Mexico-Pachuca with 600 federal police operation and the Indian CDMX that so far remains an important deployment of Federal elements to avoid repeat block.
On the attacks given by the federal police during the operation to remove protesters, he blamed a group of extremely violent people and who did not belong to any of the tables of dialogue that were opened by the Government of City of Mexico.
“These people in any way belong to the orderly community that if approached the dialogue with the authorities”, stressed in an interview to wake up with Loret.
Regarding the delay of the authority to act on these facts, explained that you due to which it was an operation of important magnitude, is used where the Government forces, “had to take into account many considerations, one of which has the side effect of” the intervention”.
Read: Clashes and road blockade, the balance of a chase of capital police officers in the State of Mexico already had tables of dialogue and officials being held, “and as the professional authority in the use of force, had to wait for the optimal conditions for which this” intervention does not engender additional damage”, affirmed.
He said that very early on, the Federal Police received the instruction of the Ministry of the Interior (Segob) monitor and act as what is convenient, with success and without affectations to third parties.
Castilla Craviotto announced that you together with the authorities and city governments of the State of Mexico, investigates the origin of infiltrations.
“We will make the analysis of the material we have to integrate the folders, to see if some people manage them to identify; We are at this stage, we are going to put everything we have on the table of the Prosecutor’s offices and hope that this will give to initiate research portfolios and punish those responsible,”he said.

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