translated from Spanish: Scientists will change the definition of the kilogram

per kilo, the basic unit of mass used to measure the body weight, the amount of food and various elements of everyday life, you will have a change in their definition for this week a.Es scientists and representatives from 60 countries will gather at the General Conference on weights and measures, in France, to replace the so-called «big K». «Big K» or the international prototype of the kilogram (IPK) is a cylinder of platinum-iridium similar to a bell shape, that for 130 years has been used as the basis for defining what is a kilogram. The problem of this object is that if its mass is constant, the weight no, since it can accommodate dust or other debris. Now it will seek to establish the use of Planck’s constant, relating the energy of a photon with the frequency of waves. That is measured using a Watt, also called balance of Kibble balance.» Planck’s constant never changes, is the same all the time. And its value was made in the factory of the universe. It is there for everyone», said Stephan Schlamminger, physical of the US National Institute of Standards and Technology to The Guardian.En final, kilo remains a kilo at least in everyday life, but it will give you the necessary stability for measurements scientific.

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