translated from Spanish: Supreme upheld fines on TVN for spreading identity of victims of child sexual abuse

the Supreme Court rejected an appeal from complaint and upheld a fine of 150 UTM established by the National Council of Television (CNTV) against TVN, this spread identity of victims of child sexual abuse. In unanimous ruling, the third highest court room – comprising the Ministers Sergio Muñoz, Carlos Aránguiz, Arturo Prado, Ángela Vivanco and the lawyer (I) Pedro Pierry – ruled out failure or severe abuse turned the Santiago Court Ministers, confirming the sanction to make known the identity of the child in the program “Very good morning”, issued November 21, 2017.” It was inappropriate to reduce the fine, every time that the jurisdiction of the Court in this matter is linked with the determination of the legality or illegality of the administrative act which imposed the sanction. In consequence, if the sentenciadores considered that the resolution which imposed the sanction is legal, lacking attributions to decrease”, the resolution added. According to the ruling, established that the public signal “included a newspaper article that revealed the identity of minors who had been victims of sexual abuse by his father, (which) violated the law”.

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