translated from Spanish: What justifies this new tort?

a. Muñoz Ledo touched her to sign another unprecedented offense to military commanders.
The anger of Andrés Manuel López Obrador with the armed forces is now diversified. Without that it came to the case, on 6 February, the then candidate antagonized settlement you that Department Salvador Cienfuegos should accept the distinction that sought to make the University of science and arts of Chiapas: “what has to be the Defense Secretary receiving a?” Award of the University of Chiapas? That is politics. That it starts to do its job. I say this respectfully. Do you have to be doing political Secretary of Defense? And do not say that it is not politics to accept an award, an award Honoris Causa in Chiapas. What has that to do with its function, its work…? “.”
The morenistas bases reacted ipso facto and the next day, in an ominous document their community, the institution reported: “attentive to expressions and opinions expressed by some members of our University, (…)” We have agreed to suspend the delivery… “.”
A year before AMLO had begun accusations of alleged “repression” and “massacres” of the armed forces against “the people”.
In Veracruz, for example, he said that Felipe Calderón and Enrique Peña Nieto “gave orders to the army and Navy military action that removed the life to human beings”, and promised not to use the army “to suppress the people”, since “it will not resolve r nothing with massacres”(today former Pan counted you 100).
And on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the tlatelolcazo, announced that it will give “a twist” to the army and the Navy Navy “which already do not deal with tasks that until now have assigned…”.
What the military will do from December 1 will be informed by Lopez Obrador tomorrow, but almost a hundred range in the institutions of land, sea and air are well aware what won’t change in rudder presidential day: attending the protest in San L azaro.
And not go for the least imaginable reason: were desinvitados.
He played the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Porfirio Muñoz Ledo, opening them and closing them access to the ceremony: in early October asked the Secretaries of Sedena and Marina a list of commands to send invitations and passes to the parking lot.
Thus, accompanied by the heads of both agencies, would officials adults, commanders, inspectors and controllers, undersecretaries, chiefs of their respective staff, commanders of military regions and naval; those of the main military areas, directors of education and of various arms and services: the military Attorney General and human rights holders, among others.
However, after two days, Muñoz Ledo communicated the misfortune that it would not be possible to “respond” to those who had been invited because the usual “format” was modified every six years.

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