translated from Spanish: With an eye on the palate: players of River who trained on his day off

despite Pavon injury and discomfort of Pablo Pérez and Jara, River was the team that lost most in the first final, since it could not count with the presence of Leonardo Ponz IO, emblem and captain in midfield, and Nacho Scocco, who had already been executioner of Boca.Con a tear and a Contracture, players know that you intensifying the physical labor and in Kinesiology, could arrive in optimal conditions to the definitive crossroads in the Monumental Stadium, which will be played on Saturday, November 24. That is why neither of them decided to take the day off.

Leo ponzio to reach the final with mouth just right. Photo: Twitter expects @CARPoficial A, Gallardo decided that the campus is not train Tuesday and they had the free day, however Ponzio and Scocco became present in Nunez to continue the recovery. Central steering wheel has been torn for 13 days and tried to risk in order to play in the first leg, the refusal, the doctors are optimistic that will be for the second match. By the side of the former forward of Newell’s, the story is different. The official party had thrown a strong contraction in one of their twins, but it became more intense and forced him to unsubscribe for the match which ended 2-2, 48 hours in advance.

Scocco has been injured for 10 days and would arrive in optimal conditions. Photo: NA that’s why 10 days of injury, trained in Kinesiology to hurry his illness and to be on par with their peers in the rest of the week, to be ready at the end of the face at the end. In addition, in River considered that not to play Santos Borré(acumulación de tarjetas), Nacho might be heading, joining Lucas Pratto.

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