translated from Spanish: A spot of males on the street harassment and a key debate: can be feminists?

an advertisement that is part of a campaign of the Avon Foundation turns in networks and viral became the second out. Why? Because two men discuss Street harassment on the street. 
Can men be feminists? Do you want to be protagonists of a fight them not at the top? Around Central magnificent on this topic there are thousand more questions and to answer them, Ridge spoke with Juan Pablo Cuciniello, Member of anti-patriarchalism males and Cynthia Castoriano, activist, militant, audiovisual Communicator and creator and Director of the feminist cycle box of Tools. Advertising with purple glasses «the most interesting thing about advertising is that it opens many of these questions. I believe that there is a higher level of consciousness, began to speak and began to put words to things that used to have another language. What was compliment today is harassment and I leave it see as something positive,»says Cuciniello. For his part, Cynthia Castoriano, who worked in the advertising industry for seven years, mark that if well this type of content help, within the Middle «only woman I met a Director of commercials, the rest only plays in production, costumes, etc. «, never in execution». 

The image of ´Rosie, the Riveter ‘ company Westinghouse Power Company is a landmark of advertising which, in the 1980s, became an icon of the feminist movement, «one of the first feminist ads that came out is one of a brand of detergent was a couple going to doctors and in the last scene a doctor look at it to the chabon and tells ´no Lord, this confirmed, wash the dishes does not cause him any enfermedad´, recalls the creator of Toolbox and adds: «advertising can contribute or raise part of l to our crop sowing. It does not come to resolve anything, but rather is one of the thermometers of the things that we pressed for change. «Don’t expect to teach anything but if it can help replicate less stereotypes taking into account that is one of the promoters of deep in the world and oldest prejudices». Clinging to their privileges advertising faces Street harassment, not from the eyes of the victim but from the perpetrator and shows a dialogue between friends which is, undoubtedly, a «brave» move of men seeking to change things from your place. But at the end, when the talk ends, the two friends look at the camera and with a tone that approaches much «because we know that a straw is to give up our privileges but chabon no longer harass the pibas», ask all men that , if they do not dare to confront sexist peers, at least share the video. ‘Yes. The video at the end has a rare CHUM tone. It seems to me that when there are two or three heterosexual males who speak between them always will appeal to that because that is the way in which they build language. It is the way in which communicating, advertising is a first step, but missing a lot and also missing deconstruitr the way in which the language works among them. That tone is the natural male heteros not harass is», admits Juan Pablo.» The first part of the video is piola because cutting and destroys a little bit sexist complicity between them with a language that is not fictitious, and is quite terrestrial. When already put more down line, costing a little, because the resources that exist today, in terms of line down male heteros, is little and costs», adds. Meanwhile, Cynthia argues, in addition, there is a discussion that has to do with the partners, if they are males, are more heard by their peers. «If it were a spot starring a woman, they say, they would not give him ball but the truth is that they are marketing strategies and are valid. A chabon listen more to other chabon and that is a reality»designates. men can be feminists?

Photo of Encuentro Latinoamericano de anti-patriarchalism boys | Photo: Facebook «two years ago I considered feminist but now cost me a little more, always seems to be that we are trying to be down the light bulb. The short answer is that Yes, I am a feminist, but from a space of dissent since I’m fucking and in that sense the struggle of feminism and the disagreements are very of hand»says Cuciniello. Both social networks as in the desktop, when there is a debate about feminism, in general is the woman is who should teach and explain patiently and without a lot, especially having to do with respect to our gender. «Ask colleagues that lead us facing the deconstruction or enlightenment feminist seems unfair and is continuing to build the stereotype that the man who does not know and is half a bobi, but has good heart.» That perpetuates a place of privilege. If there is really a desire to break with that macho male, must be necessarily laburando from our space», says the militant of the Mala Junta organization. «Men can be feminists. At this point in the process, are in the background of interest and urgency but yes, I think so. Somehow this bank commercial, and on the same line find me sympathetic work that anti-patriarchalism males make because it is necessary for men to talk between them», Cynthia details. «I’m male and I want to help, how can I do it?» 
This advertising breaks down and solve a question that many men are made since feminism is in every discussion, debate and chat among friends. But should men help? Is the word «help» correct? 


For Cynthia not. «It reminds me a bit of noise in terms of support, they don’t have to help us but to revise their attitudes. «I have many well-intentioned male friends and always the answer is brakes dry your friend who sends pictures of naked women to the kids chat, cuestiona laburo spaces homophobic insults», responds. Football, meetings of «the kids», with fathers and mothers talk, are spaces where men can, little by little, start disarming machismo and patriarchy and question their own privileges. Applause for who does not harass?

This photo visited the web, first with applause for the message but then with indignation since its protagonist was a complaint by gender-based violence many criticisms revolve around the prominence or not seeking male to join the feminist struggle. A struggle that women carry out decades ago and asking the men, staying on the sidelines, not the change but yes of the claim, focus and protest. «I think that feminists who get angry by the role of males, are looking for are right to get angry. «Men tend to not want to release our privileges, cost us the ´por please correte Center that the pibas are making historia´ because we always have something to say and say it stronger», indicated Juan Pablo. In this debate is the premise that many men seeking, attitudes, congratulations to respect women. «There are kids looking for applause by not harassing, even seeking applause for having harassed and have been has. It is the construction of privileges that has been around for centuries and it is very difficult to banish and that the male is account. It seems to me that there is a lot of work to do still. I am sure that many colleagues are going to get angry when we move forward on these debates because it is difficult to have to work with the oppressive subject, but I’m an optimist,»commits the Member of anti-patriarchalism males. «Today in the morning when I saw the ad, I mobilized because from personally is played me much the environment at night, in the via publica, spending lots of energy and lots of money to resolve that variable of the night diambular on the street. For me it is important re that street harassment stops. Get me eager to live an instance in the world where women, lesbians and trans can travel freely through the public space. «Looks and sounds so basic that even gives me itching to mention it out loud», concludes Cynthia. 

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