translated from Spanish: Alert for new fraud and theft of information in good order

-Culiacan, Sinaloa-the end «good» and increase the urge to buy, but it should take into account monitoring the handling of your credit card when making a purchase. María Espinoza, delegated in Sinaloa of the National Commission for the protection and defense against fraud and Servicios Financieros (Condusef), alerted by a new type of fraud that is detected between the fraudadores. Not only cloning is fashionable among them: now, the new modus operandi is to steal information from plastics.
We must be very careful in plastics and never lose sight of them, this fact is very important source: Profeco / Condusef Modus operandi the new modus operandi consists in sending an email or a text message, which invites the user to see torify any consumption not recognized, and at the time of download or open them, can steal your card information, that request personal information of the user. In view of this, the delegate from Condusef suggests to be very alert and not to open suspicious emails or are unknown, since the Bank is the only one that has your personal information, and when a person you is asking for data from your plastic, means that it is not t u Bank. So it may be some fraud. It is recommended to be constantly checking your account statements.
PROFECO for its part, the delegate of Profeco in Sinaloa, Gilberto Ojeda Camacho, announced that during «good weekend», the unit will implement an operation with the aim of protecting the rights of consumers so that this program continues to be a driving force of the economy in the country, with a great economic benefit, but always respecting the right of the consumer class, particularly here in Sinaloa. In that sense, he said about the various modules of attention that will be located at various strategic points in the State. In this note:

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