translated from Spanish: Audit of Comptrollership said they asked to withdraw document because «they had gone to speak of Carabineros»

the auditor of the Comptroller, Guillermo Urrutia, testified before the Prosecutor Eugenio Campos, who explores the millionaire f räude in police, as a result of the investigation into the summary «lost» irregularities related to the interior of the uniformed institution, reported El Mercurio.
The auditor said that the head of the divisiom Patricia Arriagada, in 2010, quoted it to him and the deceased Attorney of the summary, Marcelo Freihoffer and «says that you he will initiate a simultaneous summary in police and the army because from the direction of reason and Regi decision» STRO had become a pass internal requesting those summaries, apparently by improper payment of wages».
URRUTIA said that presented the resolution at the General Directorate of police and «shortly after he had to withdraw in the same place the document ordering the investigation».
«I said who it had been ordered, I only said that Headquarters, since had left police station to talk to the Comptroller» said Urrutia, on the explanations that gave you Freihoffer for removal of the document.
The Inspector added that «I think that one of the people who may have left without effect a summary, is the highest authority of the service, in that year, the Comptroller Ramiro Mendoza».
The sayings of Urrutia occurred in the context of the investigations following the public prosecutor for possible breach of the audit of Comptrollership functions and, where one of the key pieces is an appointment between the then general director of Carabineros, Eduardo Gordon and Comptroller, Ramiro Mendoza.

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