translated from Spanish: Buenos Aires celebrates the Festival of Jazz 2018

the Buenos Aires Jazz, festival, celebrates its new edition with more venues and activities / shows this 2018. It’s a great opportunity for lovers of music and especially of this musical genre. Open air concerts, bands, international artists, dance classes and the Jam, an opportunity so that all are encouraged to take to the stage. For fans and for those who want to live jazz for the first time, the festival is the favorite event.

Norma Winstone and his trio – Italian pianist Glauco Venier and Klaus Gesing German on SAX soprano and bass-clarinet, will be in charge of opening, which will be carried out by a woman for the first time. In this case by the renowned English artist. Some of the chosen to enjoy outdoor spaces is the Centennial Park amphitheatre and Plaza of the power plant. For all the programming we invite you to read the catalog below.

Norma Winstone and his trio | Photo: Catalogue of the Festival tickets for concerts of opening and closing, Solopianos, crosses and the classroom can be purchased your tickets through or personally in Corrientes 728 and in Plant of the Arte.Para entries with reserve can enter and booking form online. It will only allow one per user.

BA Jazz 2018 | Photo: Catalogue of the Festival activities scheduled at the plant Plaza, amphitheatre the Parque Centenario, Lezama Park amphitheatre, fair neighborhood of District 31, fair neighborhood of Cildanez, fair neighborhood of Fatima, fair neighborhood of District 20 and Senior Center Father Francisco, have free entry. In this note:

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