translated from Spanish: «Chubby» men are better in bed: study

Erciyes University in Turkey, has made known that according to one study, men with belly are best when it comes to sex. The study included the observation of 200 men of various physical shapes to reach this conclusion. The research stressed the men with more weight to produce a hormone called estradiol, which causes that they will take more to reach the climax of sexual intercourse. 

This hormone is responsible for that «chubby» men continue five minutes more the average duration of sexual intercourse compared with men of more muscle mass index. The average duration of sexual intercourse between the chubby men is 7.3 minutes, while those of abdomen marked only lasted two. An estimate made by the University indicates that if a man with these characteristics have 100 sex a year, it would have a total of 8 hours of sex to one of a marked abdomen. 

Another study by e l Regional Hospital Chiara, Trento, Italy indicated that women who ate apples had better sexual performance. So now you know, if you are a woman adds more fruit (especially apples) to your diet and if you man a serving of potato chips and burgers from time to time can help you perform better in bed.
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