translated from Spanish: Complaint patovicas stabbed him to confuse it with a «dealer»

Javier Miranda lives in pillar and is 21 years old. He complained it was dancing at Bowling River, located in the resort Costa Salguero of the city of Buenos Aires, in the early hours of Monday and beat several workers assigned to the safety of the place and stabbed.» We entered the bowling around 21.30. «We were dancing near the bar when asked me if he knew where was a boy who was selling pills and told them that I didn’t know anything», said the young man. And continued: «return to five minutes, with the excuse that I was doing the gesture of throwing shots with my hands». 

The denunciation of the young in social networks as described Miranda, who that night was accompanied by his girlfriend and a group of friends, the patovicas began to review it and then beat him. One of the men he identified as «Chinese», «grabbed my neck», then goes another «paste me two pineapples in the stomach and pull me to the ground».
«It looked like they wanted to kill me. I was stabbed twice».

Javier doesn’t remember the time he was stabbed, but warned it when one witness did note that it was bleeding. «I didn’t understand why I was sticking. Are they taught me», he says. Miranda revealed that identified their attackers through Facebook and that by that social network received comments about the violence of the patovicas of that bowling that had gone for the first time.» I got it cheap, I could have killed,»said the young man, who should be assisted after the attack at the Fernandez Hospital. In this note: young APUNALADO JAVIER MIRANDA COSTA SALGUERO

Original source in Spanish

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