translated from Spanish: Eat only hamburgers for a month and slim 6 kilos

a man not ate nothing but burgers for 30 days and managed to lose weight to prove a point about calorie intake and weight loss, but experts recommend not to try a «di ETA»similar. Ryan Williams, 29, a postman from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, decided to undertake the fast food diet to refute the documentary Super Size Me in 2004, which sees Morgan Spurlock eating only fast food from a restaurant only 30 days and earn 10 kilos.
According to Williams, the Spurlock documentary presented a skewed version of the challenge, so the postman became a bodybuilder and filmed himself following the same diet to demonstrate that it is possible to get in shape while you eat only junk food. Like Spurlock, Williams ate burgers every day, and I ate all that was on the menu at least once. However, Williams also spent an hour at the gym every morning, what Spurlock did not do when it embarked on the challenge.
The postman documented his journey on his «Ry» YouTube channel, where his 1,200 followers observed it eating extravagant things, and found that when the month was over, it was 16 pounds lighter. On the challenge of food, Williams said: «I’ve wanted to do this for a few years, but I never found the right time.
But recently I saw an advertisement of Big Mac for 50 years and it made me think that there are many negative towards the food chain feelings, it is not healthy.

According to Williams, also wanted to clarify things, because Spurlock ate «5,000 calories per day and not doing any exercise».
I didn’t feel that it was a surprise that become so unhealthy, said Williams.

For its own challenge, Williams stressed the importance of balancing calorie intake and staying in shape. Williams began the month eating 2,500 calories a day (the recommended intake of calories for an adult male), but was reduced to 2,300 at the end of the second week. At the end of the challenge, Williams had dropped to 182 pounds and had moved from the 10.85 percent body fat to the 7.59 percent.
It simply shows that fast food is not necessarily the demon, he said.

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