translated from Spanish: Eric Parrado joins Board of the World Economic Forum

the former Superintendent of banks, Eric Parrado, will be part of a community that serves as a support of confidence for the World Economic Forum and the world in general. The professor in the area of finance that Business School, was invited to be a member of the Global Future Council on Financial and Monetary Systems 2018-2019 period.
It was reported that work with other leading experts to develop new knowledge and innovative ideas to then inform decision-makers around the world.
«This work will take place virtually altogether with the rest of the experts and, in addition, will attend the annual meeting of the boards of Global Future, which will be held from 11 to 12 November 2018 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This meeting is increased exchange of ideas in the world and is only reserved for its members. In the same context of the meetings of the World Economic Forum, Professor Parrado also participate in panel on globalization and the role that plays Latin America. In the panel you will be next to the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Argentina, Susana Malcorra, the Mayor of Quito, Mauricio Rodas, and Manager General of the MIF/IDB, Irene Arias», they said.
Should be noted that the Council which joins the academic finance that sees mainly changes regulatory, cryptographic assets and questions about the appropriate use of data that are dramatically affecting the financial systems and Monetary global.
The Global Future Council on Financial and Monetary Systems will explore these developments and will evaluate not only the emergence of new actors, technologies and innovation, but also the risks posed to society. In addition, analyse the ways to strengthen the links between economic growth and the stability of the financial system to improve accountability.

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