translated from Spanish: How much earn a bishop in the Argentina?

what does the law say?
According to the provisions of article 2 of the national Constitution of Argentina, the national State has responsibility holding «the Roman Apostolic Catholic religion». Similarly, while there is a battery of legislative provisions aimed at the salary of church officials, is the law N ° 21.950 which establishes that it is the State who is in charge of finance the salary of the archbishops and bishops. The amount in question is also posed in the legislation and refers to the equivalent of 80% of a national court of first instance. what the Government said?
As a result of the intervention of the national Deputy Carla Carrizo (Radical evolution) in the information session of the Chamber held in March of this year, provided the report which says that bishops receive an average monthly salary of $46.800.
At the same time, it pointed out that you for the budget which will be voted on next Wednesday 14 in the Senate, the ruling party raised funds by $471.000.000, of which $130,000 will be used for the payment of salaries and the rest to work. what hierarchies within the? Catholic Church?
Structurally, the top leader of this institution is the Pope. In addition to its religious attributes, in practice it occurs as the head of the College of bishops. Followed by the Cardinals, who can vote for the new pontiff in the event that was held the Conclave. «Third» are the bishops who «teach, sanctify and govern» a portion of the Church with an own criterion.

Continue in that line the pastors, pastor of the parish and who exercises the pastoral care of the community that is entrusted to him under the authority of the diocesan bishop. Ultimately the lay faithful, managers seek the means to «Christian life» social, political realities and economic. what to expect after «Announcements» of the Church at the opening of the plenary Assembly of Bishops which are It took place last week in Pilar, the President of the Conference Episcopal Argentina (CEA), Oscar Ojea, did a mea culpa and warned that the Church is going through a «critical moment». At the same time it drew a hard picture on the progress of the management of Mauricio Macri, and warned that the economic crisis «resents the confidence in political leadership». After the plenary Assembly they informed that they «will work on the creation of a solidarity fund» and will be «continuity of dialogue» with the Government, agreeing alternatives that will facilitate this replacement. It subtracted to know if the transition in effect advances or remains only as one ad more. In this note:

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