translated from Spanish: IMF and international rating expected a worse than the budget 2019

estimates of IMF International Monetary Fund projections are more pessimistic than those found in the budget for next year. Since the Government plan a fall in production of 0.5% while the international agency expects a contraction of 1.6%. I.e., expect a reduction of economic activity of more than three times the projected by the ruling party. 
Even when we look at the macro-economic aggregates, while the law of laws provides a 1.6% fall in consumption private the IMF almost it triples the estimate, projecting 4.6% reduction. Attentive IMF that the country complies with the guidelines of the new agreement, through its representative in Buenos Aires, awaits approval of the budget, which follows its guidelines.
Fitch international rating is an international rating agency, leader in financial services this year bass twice the qualification of the Argentina due to his “intense macroeconomic instability”. fall of 1.7 per cent estimated for 2019, in line with the projections of the Internacional.La Monetary Fund consultant ensures that the prospects for economic recovery in the medium term are not clear. It is likely that private investment remains cautious in the middle of the macroeconomic and political uncertainty.
“The ability to advance an austere budget for an election year without a majority in Congress seems to be an encouraging sign that the opposition has incentives to support rather than obstruct the fiscal adjustment at this time” says Fitch

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