translated from Spanish: Juampi González presented “Bachelor”: humor and celebrities on the night of the Maipo

Pablo Gonzalez provided a function of press of “Bachelor” in the Teatro Maipo (Emerald 443). To dismiss the show which toured the country, comedian counted with the presence of several figures who made their appearance on stage and who accompanied him as spectators. Among those who participated in the public, could be seen: Gregorio Yeyito, Mery Granados, Chapu Martínez, Fran Stoessel, Dalia Gutman, among others.

Pablo González and Gregorio Yeyito | Photo: Courtesy of press “am happy to finish the season giving him one more push and dismiss a show that gave me many joys: are two years of”Bachelor”, work that made me discover the country, counted Pablo in dialogue with cutting edge.”

Sebastián Wainraich, Martin “La Faraona” Cirio and Sebastian lends participated by adding an interesting relish some of the fragments of the show. “For closing, the surprise best kept – and held – was Fabio” El Mono “, Kapanga vocalist.” There are many spices and colleagues from networks, theatre and radio and musicians who come to participate. We are to laugh together, friends who come to enjoy with me”, had anticipated a minute before climbing onto the stage.

Alessandra Teapoya alongside the Pharaoh | Photo: Courtesy of press “Bachelor” included a segment devoted to Alessandra Teapoya, the most popular character Pablo gave that life through videos. It’s a sex therapist that meets all kinds of queries followers and patients.
“With Alessandra I low, interact with the public and for me is one of the most fun show”, mentioned the influencer sexologist told – in function of this Tuesday 13 – with the participation of La Faraona, which joined in the sketch generating the Ovation and laughter d (e) the present, who are thrilled to see the combination of both characters on stage. A percentage of the proceeds for the tickets went to the Discar Foundation, an organization that works for the inclusion of people with disabilities in any area of society.

Juampi González with Sebastián Wainraich | Photo: Courtesy of press Juampi provided a few minutes one of the representatives of the Organization for tell the public about donation. All stakeholders were invited to contribute to the cause. For more information you can enter to your web site. what will be the next function by Juampi González?
After presenting “Unmarried”, the instagramer committed to a new challenge. “It is a reversal of the work:”Bachelor party”.” We just play with this double meaning of dismiss the show and make a stag or hen party real, I organized my characters. I’m at a party suddenly, and thus runs the show,”said Pablo.

Pablo Gonzalez in “Farewell party” | Photo: Instagram @juampigon this new show will have 6 unique functions in Teatro Maipo 23, 24 and 30 November and 1, 7 and 8 December. In this note:

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