translated from Spanish: Léos Carax: «my real link with Argentina’s Astor Piazzolla»

the fourth day of the Festival wine loaded with international guests, who each made mischief in «La Feliz». Carax gave press conference, Pierre Richard newly llegadito received an award and Jean-Pierre Léaud quoted in the sea Museum to give his talk with Maestros.El director Leos Carax spoke to the press in argentina, told of his admiration for Astor Piazzola. Even if it is your first visit to this country, feels a special bond through music. «Before my last movie, vi someone playing an accordion, bought one and started to play it. My true link with the Argentina is Astor Piazzolla. I listened to his music and I bought a bandoneon. I am aware of the beauty and the surprise of this music», she said.

Léos Carax in press conference | Foto:Damaris Hidalgo also spoke about his relationship with Paris. But the most relevant talk was when he said that his next project will be a musical comedy. It will be about a band of two brothers. «When they saw one of my films in which I used a song his own, I called to make a film based on his story. It’s great that I have convened because I always wanted to do a musical but I don’t understand music», revealed the director, who did not want to tell what band it is.

Pierre Richard receives an award | Uset foto:Fabian on the other hand, the famous comedian Pierre Richard received an award accompanied by the Ambassador of France, Pierre-Henri Guignard and his spouse Marie-Carmen Boué Guignard, Vice President of INCAA, Juan Fernando Lima and the Director Festival, Cecilia Barrionuevo.El actor said: «bigger the distances are so much bigger my excitement.» «Why I’m surprised both see a town like yours, so far from me, and however loves me so much, it is something that moves me to the depths.» As closure of the tribute was screened the film: an unfortunate perfect. France is the guest country of Honor and therefore, each of the celebrities of this thirty-third edition of the Festival is filled with artists of this nationality. Finally, Jean-Pierre Léaud was present in the sea Museum Art contemporary Buenos Aires where in less than 30 minutes exposed his link with his friend François Truffaut and Jean Luc Godard, and the Nouvelle Vague.

Richard in the Museum of the sea | Foto:Fabian Uset Contou front its auditorium was how was the process of filming of the classic the 400 blows (which is displayed during the festival): «François Truffaut made us try seven times only with him. After those seven times with the camera and there was adding up the staff. Seven times with the Foley artist… Seven times with the wizard’s script, etc», said. Just that movie in which Truffaut made his debut as director became the icon of the nouvelle vague with a character – Antoine Doinel – which the director would return to in subsequent productions. It also manifested constantly thankful for the display of affection of the public and of the recognition provided by the Festival by granting him the day Sunday a prize for his career. He stated that his objective was always build a work placed on the history of the cinema and which therefore made the elections did when it comes to act in a movie. He said being happy of the tribute to his career by the Festival of Mar del Plata which is the most important in Latin America.

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