translated from Spanish: Mapuche farmer is the first victim of the jungle command and Ministry of the Interior is silent

A mapuche farmer died in an operation that took place in the community of Temucuicui, commune of Ercilla, Araucanía region.
The villager, identified as Camilo Catrillanca 24-year-old, received an impact head with Police Tactical group, commonly known as jungle command armament. 
Although the fact has already generated different reactions from the Government bodies such as the Presidency of the Republic or the Ministry of the Interior, have been silent. However, it is expected that in the next few minutes in Mayor of La Araucanía, Luis Mayol, your impression about the topic. 
«This is confirmed by the family who has just passed away, the peni died, the police killed him inside the community and then they took him to the clinic, but they could do nothing.» They murdered him, so simple», said cooperative the werken Jorge Huenchullán.
According to preliminary information, police personnel deployed a large operation then that a group of hooded men there three vehicles of professors of the school of Santa Rosa de Ancapi Ñancucheo in Ercilla.
Huenchullan added that «now police is flying over the community. «Inside there must be more or less about two hundred effective, police officers walking on foot and armored vehicles are stationed on the road».
«The jungle command, they are those who have entered the community», was completed.
Reactions reactions have not been made wait. Through Twitter, the Deputy Giorgio Jackson noted that «this cannot be passed unnoticed. We need clarification of facts so that those who are responsible for this murder are recognized as murderers».
Another who referred to the fact was the head Gonzalo Winter, who in the same social network said that «we have just adopted the budget of the Ministry of the Interior, which finances the command jungle. We demand the Minister @andreschadwickp of explanations and clarify the situation of Camilo Catrillanca, mapuche farmer killed by a shot. Enough of the Wallmapu repression!»
The Congresswoman Mapuche-Huilliche Emilia Nuyado also reacted and demanded explanations to the Minister of the Interior, Andrés Chadwick, by the death of the farmer after being shot by the jungle command in Ercilla. 
In the opinion of the parliamentary, «these incidents are regrettable and we demand the Government explain how this police procedure arrived at this level, where we regret the death of a villager.»
«We want to ensure us that it there was no abuse of any kind, it seems to us that the procedure must be investigated thoroughly.» Hopefully by independent bodies. It should also be the Declaration by the community, we can not only staying with police information,»said Nuyado.
On this same point, the Parliament added that «This shows that the presence command jungle, can hardly help achieve peace in the Araucanía», concluded the Deputy Nuyado.

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